The Under Secretary of State (Welles) to President Roosevelt

My Dear Mr. President: Attached hereto for your signature, if you approve, is a proposed reply to three communications which have been received from the Emperor of Ethiopia.

The only point calling for particular attention in our suggested reply is the statement that this Government would welcome a diplomatic representative of Ethiopia, the Emperor having indicated in one of his letters that he is anxious to make such an appointment. As our Minister Resident, Mr. John K. Caldwell, is shortly to proceed to Addis Ababa to open a legation there it is presumed that we would be willing to have an Ethiopian diplomatic representative in Washington.

Faithfully yours,

Sumner Welles

President Roosevelt to the Emperor of Ethiopia (Haile Selassie)24

Your Majesty: I have received from Mr. Yilma Deressa your kind letter of April 30, 1943,25 and also the photograph of yourself in the beautiful frame, which were handed to me by Mr. Deressa at the [Page 100]reception which I gave on June 7 for the delegates to the United Nations Conference on Food and Agriculture. I wish to thank Your Majesty most warmly for the friendly expressions contained in your letter and to convey to you my deep appreciation of the sentiments which prompted you to send me the photograph.

I have also received Your Majesty’s two letters of February 12, 1943, which were handed to General Maxwell at the time of his visit to Addis Ababa. General Maxwell was delighted to have the honor of meeting Your Majesty, and he was pleased to be entrusted with the conveyance of your greetings to me.

As you have doubtless been informed, Mr. Deressa, in accordance with your wishes, has signed the necessary representations with regard to lend-lease aid to Ethiopia. Conscious of the great sacrifices which your valiant country was called upon to make in resisting an unscrupulous foe and of the pressing need for restoring the economy of Ethiopia in order that Your Majesty’s people may enjoy once more the fruits of their labor, my Government will be glad, through the medium of lend-lease aid, to supply such articles, services, and information as it may be in a position to furnish for the defense of Ethiopia, and, through such other means as may be possible, to render all practicable assistance in the rehabilitation of your country. My Minister Resident and Consul General, Mr. John K. Caldwell, will presently arrive in Addis Ababa to resume diplomatic relations with your Government, and he will be glad to be informed by you of the ways which you feel the United States may best render effective help.

Your Majesty has indicated that you are anxious to appoint a diplomatic representative to my country. I assure you that I would be most happy to welcome such a representative.

I send Your Majesty my best wishes for your personal welfare and the happiness of the people of Ethiopia.

Your good friend,

Franklin D. Roosevelt
  1. Marginal notation: “Signed June 22, 1943”.
  2. Not printed.