890E.00/211: Telegram

The Minister in Egypt (Kirk) to the Secretary of State

2086. Department’s 1741, November 13, 8 p.m. I saw Nahas last night and informed him in sense of Department’s telegram under reference. Nahas was obviously delighted to receive information and was profuse in thanks. I emphasized to both him and Under Secretary of Foreign Office that information was for background only and not for public announcement or publication and both expressed understanding and agreement.

Aside from Nahas’ reiteration of firm attitude regarding Lebanon in yesterday’s Wafd41 Jubilee speech only local developments have been arrival of Catroux here yesterday en route Beirut and appeal made by Nahas last night asking population to desist from demonstrations in order to avoid regrettable incidents and to leave to him handling of Lebanese question. Appeal was made after noisy, but as far as is known, not serious student demonstrations here yesterday including unruly scene in front of French Delegation which today being protected by riot squad. Consul in Alexandria, however, reports more serious disorders there yesterday with number of French shops smashed and incidental acts of hooliganism resulting in damage to other than French property. Consul adds that in view of apathy of Egyptian police British military police had to intervene yesterday but that local authorities apparently taking firmer hand today.

Sent to Department, repeated to Algiers and Beirut.

  1. Egyptian political party of which Nahas Pasha was the head, traditionally occupying a strong nationalist position.