890E.00/184: Telegram

The Chargé in Iraq ( Gaudin ) to the Secretary of State

442. There follows the translation of a protest just received from the Palace in confirmation of a verbal protest made to me at noon today by the Acting Regent. I understand that he made a similar protest to the British Ambassador.

“Please convey to your Government in my name and in the name of the Iraqi Government our strong protest against the illegal activities which the French authorities have undertaken in the Lebanon by dissolving its constitutional Government, and arresting the President of the Republic and the head and members of the Government together with other members of the legal Parliament. We request the American Government to take the measures which it sees fit for returning the situation in the Lebanon to its legal course. We also request that French interferences in the Lebanon be stopped in accordance with the official promises which have been made in the name of the Allies for guaranteeing the independence of Syria and the Lebanon and in accordance with the provisions of the Atlantic Charter, as by [Page 1026] this action the French authorities have proved that they do not respect these pledges and pacts.”

The text of a resolution of protest passed today by the Chamber and Senate and to be addressed to the United Nations is not yet available.

Repeated to Beirut, Damascus, Cairo and Jerusalem.