890E.00/175: Telegram

The Minister in Egypt ( Kirk ) to the Secretary of State

2040. My 2038, November 11, 7 p.m. Following translation of telegram received today from Egyptian Prime Minister and Ministry for Foreign Affairs:

“In the name of the Egyptian Government I address to Your Excellency an energetic protest against the arbitrary action of the French Committee of National Liberation which has just ordered the arrest of the President of the Lebanese Republic, the Prime Minister and two Ministers. In addressing myself to the representative of the United States rampart of liberty and democracy I am convinced that the great power which is fighting for noble principles will exert itself to assure respect of the great Atlantic Charter to which the French Committee of National Liberation adhered. Its violation of the independence of the Lebanon is an act which cannot but arouse general condemnation and it will encounter in the United States I am sure a dolorous echo.”

I understand that protest also sent by Nahas to the British as military associates of Free French in occupation of Syria and Lebanon and co-guarantors of their independence. Third communication reported sent de Gaulle saying Egypt and all Arab peoples solidly behind Lebanese whom [whose] only wrong was to desire Independence Day; expressing astonishment that such an act could be committed by representatives of a France reputed as refuge of liberty; asking if such is the conduct to be expected of a France itself deprived of independence and liberty; asserting such violation of creed of United Nations is object of universal reproach; and concluding that if situation not remedied “Egypt will be led to consider its position vis-à-vis France in the light of events”.

Sent to the Department. Repeated to Beirut and Algiers.