890E.00/151: Telegram

The Diplomatic Agent and Consul General at Beirut (Wadsworth) to the Secretary of State

234. Reference my 229, July 16, 6 p.m.46 This morning Helleu issued two decrees.

The first regulates until election of a President “the organization and functioning” of the executive and legislative powers in Lebanon.

The executive power is to be exercised by a Chief of State appointed by the Delegate General. The Chief of State is to be assisted by a Secretary of State and an Assistant Secretary of State appointed by and responsible to him.

The legislative power [apparent omission] the issuance of decrees having the force of law “under the reservations formulated in the proclamation of Lebanese independence,” is to be exercised by the Chief of State at the instance of the Secretary of State.

The second decree appoints as Chief of State Petro Trad, president of the last Chamber of Deputies.

Trad is 61 years old, of a leading Beirut Greek Orthodox family. He was educated in the law in French schools here and in France and has since practiced his profession with ability and success. He has been a member of each Chamber of Deputies and three times its president. His politics are generally considered to be pro-French.

The new Chief of State entered upon the performance of his duties this noon and issued a decree appointing Abdullah Beyhum and Toufi Aouad as his Secretary and Assistant Secretary of State.

[Here follows section relating primarily to the biographical background of the two new Secretaries.]

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