The Emperor of Ethiopia (Haile Selassie) to President Roosevelt 7

Your Excellency: In the anticipation of the arrival of your official representatives, who will be coming to discuss Lease Lend assistance which you were so good to extend to Ethiopia, We take advantage of Major-General Maxwell’s early contact with you to renew by his intermediary the thanks which we transmitted to Your Excellency by telegram on December the 31st.

It is a pleasure to Us to give this assurance that We are fully prepared to make use of Lend Lease assistance in such a way as will be to our mutual benefit.

It is gratifying to Us to learn from your telegram that you are giving the fullest consideration to the question of the re-opening of the American Legation at Addis Ababa for the resumption of diplomatic relations between the Governments of the United States of America and Ethiopia. This has been My constant wish.

We shall be glad to welcome Your Excellency’s diplomatic representative at Our Capital in the near future and as We are anxious on Our part to appoint a diplomatic representative to your country, We shall be happy if you be so good as to let Us know Your Excellency’s agreement.

Your Good Friend,

Haile Selassie I
, Emperor 8
  1. This letter and the one printed infra were transmitted to the Department by President Roosevelt on March 5.
  2. Signature in Amharic on the original.