800.6363/1341a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the United Kingdom ( Winant )

6367. For your information, the Petroleum Reserves Corporation (a corporation of this Government of which the Secretary of the Interior is President) is sending three members of its staff, E. L. DeGolyer, William S. Wrather and John H. Murrell, who are geologists and engineers, to inspect and study various oil fields and developments in the Persian Gulf area. Their mission is to make a technical study of the oil fields, the production, distribution and refining installations in the area, and problems connected therewith. They are not to deal in any way with any question of policy concerning governmental or company relationships or policy.

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The group hopes to depart about October 26 with Cairo as the first destination. They will also visit Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Bahrein and Saudi Arabia. They will reach London for a week’s stay sometime in December. If possible you will be advised later concerning the exact date of their arrival. Please render them any assistance they may require while in London.