740.00119 EW/9–143: Telegram

The British Foreign Office to the British Minister Resident at Allied Force Headquarters ( Macmillan )1

most secret

Greek Government have empowered General Eisenhower to sign surrender articles on their behalf. They would like a representative to be present at the time of signature. State Department informed us recently that they attached2 importance to presence at signature of representatives of countries who have been victims of Italian aggression, in particular Greece and France.

Please inform General Eisenhower and ask him how necessary arrangements can most conveniently be made. Greek Government will presumably wish to nominate somebody who is already in the Middle East and I should be grateful therefore if you would telegraph your suggestions direct to Mr. Leeper repeating to me.

  1. Printed from a copy made available to the Department of State on September 1, 1943, by the British Embassy at Washington.
  2. On the source text the typed word “attached” has been crossed out and “appreciated” has been substituted in unidentified handwriting.