740.00119 EW/9–143: Telegram

The British Ambassador in Portugal (Campbell) to the British Foreign Office 1

Same source in Italian Legation2 has now reported that news has been received that General C.3 duly arrived at his destination.

[Page 1191]
If there has still been no contact with Algiers by W/T, this may be due either to
Signor M.4 having forgotten his instructions.
To his having been caught by Germans en route, if it was he who was going to take charge of the Instrument [of Surrender?], or
To Italian Legation having telegraphed to Rome at General Z.’s instance to suggest withholding of reply until receipt of long terms.5
  1. Printed from a copy made available to the Department of State on September 1, 1943, by the British Embassy at Washington.
  2. Not identified in the source text. Earlier information with reference to the Italian peace feelers had been passed to the British Embassy at Lisbon by Raimondo Manzini, Secretary of the Italian Legation there. See ante, p. 1056.
  3. Giuseppe Castellano.
  4. Franco Montanari.
  5. The “long” or “comprehensive” terms of surrender had been given to General Giacomo Zanussi at Lisbon on August 27, 1943. See ante, p. 1181, fn. 3, and p. 1184, fn. 13.