740.00119 EW/8–2643: Telegram

The British Ambassador to Portugal ( Campbell ) to the British Foreign Office 1

most secret

If revised terms2 are to be handed to the Italians, there are thus two available methods (1) at contemplated Palermo meeting, (2) through General Zanussi either here or in London.

First method may not be entirely reliable, being dependent as it is on communication being established (according to plan agreed with General C.) between the Italian General Staff and Algiers and on General C. being able to leave and arrive safely.
On the other hand you may agree that this method is the more appropriate. It has moreover the additional advantage (if successfully accomplished) of establishing direct contact between General Eisenhower and the Italian General Staff.
A third method of communication always available is through the Italian Minister3 who was finally taken by General C. into his confidence.
I shall do nothing pending your further instructions.
  1. Printed from a copy made available to the Department of State by the British Embassy at Washington.
  2. i.e., the “long” or “comprehensive” terms of surrender, ante, p. 1161.
  3. Renato Prunas.