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The Combined Chiefs of Staff to President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill 1

Enclosure to C.C.S. 319

Progress Report to the President and Prime Minister

1. The Combined Chiefs of Staff submit the following report on the progress made so far in the Quadrant Conference.

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2. We have agreed to accept tentatively Sections I, II and III of the final report made to you at the Trident Conference2 as a basis for use in this Conference. These sections, covering the Over-all Objective, the Over-all Strategic Concept for the Prosecution of the War, and the Basic Undertakings in Support of the Over-all Strategic Concept, to be reaffirmed at the conclusion of the present Conference.

strategic concept for the defeat of the axis in europe

3. We have approved the following strategic concept of operations for the defeat of the Axis Powers in Europe, 1943–44.

4. Operation “ Pointblank

The progressive destruction and dislocation of the German military, industrial and economic system, the disruption of vital elements of lines of communication, and the material reduction of German air combat strength by the successful prosecution of the Combined Bomber Offensive from all convenient bases is a prerequisite to Overlord (barring an independent and complete Russian victory before Overlord can be mounted). This operation must therefore continue to have highest strategic priority.

5. Operation “ Overlord

[Subparagraphs a, b, and c are identical with the subparagraphs of paragraph 3 of C.C.S. 303/3, ante, pp. 10241025.]

We have approved the outline plan of General Morgan for Operation Overlord 3 and have authorized him to proceed with the detailed planning and with full preparations.

6. Operations in Italy

[This paragraph is identical with paragraph 4 of C.C.S. 303/3, ante, p. 1025.]

7. Operations in Southern France

Offensive operations against Southern France (to include the use of trained and equipped French forces), should be undertaken to establish a lodgement in the Toulon–Marseilles area and exploit northward in order to create a diversion in connection with Overlord . Air nourished guerilla operations in the Southern Alps will, if possible, be initiated.

8. Air Operations

[This paragraph is identical with paragraph 6 of C.C.S. 303/3, ante, p. 1025, except that the cross-reference in subparagraph d has been changed to read “(see paragraph 10 below).”]

9. Operations at Sea

[This paragraph is identical with paragraph 7 of C.C.S. 303/3, ante, p. 1025.]

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10. Operations in the Balkans

Operations in the Balkan area will be limited to supply of Balkan guerillas by air and sea transport, to minor Commando forces, and to the bombing of Ploeşti and other strategic objectives from Italian bases.

11. Garrison Requirements and Security of Lines of Communication in the Mediterranean

[This paragraph is identical with paragraph 9 of C.C.S. 303/3, ante, p. 1026, except that the parenthetical reference to appendix A to C.C.S. 303 is omitted.]

the u–boat war

12. Progress Report

We have had encouraging reports from the Chiefs of the two Naval Staffs regarding the U–boat war. We have approved recommendations made by the Allied Submarine Board which should result in further strengthening our anti-U–boat operations. The board has been directed to continue and expand its studies in search of further improvements.

portuguese islands

13. Facilities in the Azores Islands

On the successful conclusion of the negotiations for the use of the Azores4 we have taken note of the assurance given by the British Chiefs of Staff that everything will be done by the British as soon as possible after actual entry into the Azores has been gained to make arrangements for their operational and transit use by U.S. aircraft.5

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

remainder of the conference

16. Before we separate, we proposed to discuss the following matters:

Immediate operations in the Mediterranean;
Emergency return to the Continent;
Military considerations in relation to Spain;
Military considerations in relation to Turkey;
Military considerations in relation to Russia;
Equipment of Allies, liberated forces and friendly neutrals;
A number of miscellaneous matters.

  1. Circulated under cover of the following note by the Secretaries of the Combined Chiefs of Staff (C.C.S. 319), August 19, 1943: “The Enclosure is the report to the President and the Prime Minister which was made to them at the meeting at the Citadel on 19 August [see ante, p. 894]. It includes all of the amendments which they directed be made.” The amendments referred to consisted of six small additions in paragraphs 4, 7, 10, and 15 of the enclosure to C.C.S. 319. The additions to paragraphs 4, 7, and 10 are printed in italics below to identify the changes made by Roosevelt and Churchill in the report originally submitted to them.
  2. See ante, pp. 365366.
  3. See annex B to C.C.S. 304, ante, p. 486.
  4. An Anglo-Portuguese agreement had been signed at Lisbon on August 17, 1943, which provided for the use of facilities in the Azores by British forces beginning October 8, 1943. See ante, pp. 609616, and Foreign Relations, 1943, vol. ii, pp. 527543.
  5. For paragraphs 14–15, relating to the war against Japan, see ante, p. 992.