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Memorandum by the Representatives of the British Chiefs of Staff

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C.C.S. 288

Proposed Agenda for Quadrant

The following Agenda, proposed by the British Chiefs of Staff for Quadrant , as approved by the Minister of Defense,1 is submitted herewith for the agreement of the U.S. Chiefs of Staff.

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It was decided at Trident , that the Combined Chiefs of Staff should meet “In July or early August in order to examine the decisions reached at this conference in the light of the situation existing at the time”. (See CCS 242/62 para (7) 2)
Strategy in Mediterranean. The main object of the above was to enable rapid decisions to be taken in light of results of Husky , on question of further operations in Mediterranean to eliminate Italy from the war. It is therefore suggested that first subject for discussion should be post- Husky operations followed by policy in event of an Italian collapse.
Defeat of Japan. In course of Trident conference Combined Chiefs of Staff directed the Combined Staff Planners to prepare an appreciation leading up to a plan “for the defeat of Japan”. (See CCS 242/6 (4) 3.) It is suggested that if sufficient progress has been made this should be next subject for discussion together with following cognate matters.
Progress report of operations in Pacific.
Progress report of preparations for operations from India with special reference to CCS 242/6 para (4) 3a.
Establishment of South East Asia Command organization and appointments.
Operations from U.K.
U–Boat Warfare.
Overlord —Outline plan air organization and command.
Bolero Sickle building up.
Habbakuk .
Operation Alacrity .
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  2. See ante, p. 364.