Roosevelt Papers

The Counselor of the Canadian Legation ( Mahoney ) to President Roosevelt

immediate, most secret
and personal

My Dear Mr. President, In the temporary absence of the Chargé d’Affaires ad interim, I have been instructed to convey to you the following message from the Prime Minister:

“I have had a talk with Leighton this evening and hasten to let you know that I am not pressing for participation of Canadian staffs in discussions of Combined Staffs. You will realize that when the Combined Staffs are meeting in Canada, and matters affecting Canadian Forces may be a subject of consideration, our people would expect some opportunity of conference or consultation such as was given them at meeting in Washington. I would, however, not wish to have any conditions attached to proposed meeting and know that you and our friend will be only too ready to see that what may be advisable, all circumstances considered, is adequately met.

“As host, you may rely upon me not to permit any situation to arise which would be a source of embarrassment to other United Nations who will not be represented.

“I hope arrangements for your fishing trip are working out satisfactorily, and that we shall have pleasure of seeing you here at Ottawa on the 9th.1

“I have nothing to take up with you that could not stand over until then. On other hand, if there are matters you yourself wish to discuss with me before leaving on your trip I will gladly run down to Washington for a day.”

I am [etc.]

Merchant Mahoney

for Chargé d’Affaires ad Interim
  1. Roosevelt’s contemplated trip to Ottawa was postponed until after the Quebec Conference.