Hopkins Papers: Telegram

Generalissimo Chiang to President Roosevelt 1


I am in receipt of your telegram of May 252 and wish to express my deep appreciation of the measures you have taken to strengthen the United States Air Force in China, and to increase the capacity of air transport to China.

In regard to Anakim I feel assured that you already possess a comprehensive and well-prepared plan of strategy, and that you are resolutely determined on pressing it forward to victory. I feel particularly grateful for the patience and courage with which you have resolved the many difficulties arising on all sides so that Anakim can go through. I venture to make a few supplementary observations which I have asked Dr. T. V. Soong to submit to you for your consideration.3

Chiang Kai-shek
  1. This message appears to have been handed to Hopkins by Foreign Minister Soong.
  2. No telegram direct from Roosevelt to Chiang has been found. Chiang’s reference is presumably to the message that Roosevelt gave Soong on the afternoon of May 25, 1943; see the editorial note, ante, p. 208.
  3. Infra.