Roosevelt Papers

The Commander in Chief, Allied Expeditionary Force in North Africa ( Eisenhower ) to the President’s Special Assistant ( Hopkins )1


Dear Harry: I sent you a message2 today following a conference with Peyrouton, who just called at my office. He recited his past history to me, and one thing that struck me was that the day Laval returned to power, Peyrouton sent in his resignation as French Ambassador to Argentina. This may or may not be true but it could easily be checked. He seems to be a realist, and the general views he expressed were contained in the telegram I sent you.

I cannot tell you how valuable it was to me to have the chance to talk to the President and yourself and to the Combined Chiefs of Staff, particularly General Marshall. There is no doubt that great good will come out of your meeting there, and I often regret that you people who are occupying the top positions cannot get together with greater frequency.

I am enclosing with this letter a short note to the President, which I request that you pass on to him if you think it an appropriate one.3

If you can possibly get up here, I assure you of a warm welcome and I will do all in my power to let you see everything that can be arranged within the time you may have.

With warm personal regard,


Ike Eisenhower
  1. This letter was addressed: “The Hon. Harry Hopkins, Somewhere in Africa”.
  2. No copy of this message has been found.
  3. Message from Eisenhower to Roosevelt, infra.