Roosevelt Papers: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the President 1

From Hull to Alex (McCrea from Hammond).

Thank you for your message,2 and needless to say my every wish is to contribute to the success of your deliberations.

In the French situation with which you are dealing and from the information immediately available to me I am not disposed to believe Jean Monnet is the right man. His banking affiliations over a period of years includes Lazard Frères, the Paris international banking group, which incidentally is so closely tied in with the de Gaulle organization in London, and likewise Monnet’s extended dealings over a period of time with Pleven, the acting adviser on foreign affairs of the Free French movement, would clearly create doubts in a great many French minds. Likewise the fact of his recent affiliations as a member of the British Purchasing Commission here.

Any Frenchman to be endorsed by ourselves and the British in the North African situation must be of such a quality that his outstanding integrity and his loyalty to all the best elements of France is the [Page 811] dominant note of his character. It would seem to me that Roger Cambon has the requisite qualifications. His name, which carries so much weight in North Africa because of his father’s service there, his long years in London and his impartial approach to all groups important in the French picture today would seem especially to recommend him for consideration.

I am glad that all is well and send warmest regards.

  1. Transmitted via military channels.
  2. Roosevelt’s message of January 16 to Hull, ante, p. 809.