Meeting of the Combined Chiefs of Staff, 12:30 p.m.1

1. C.C.S. 27th meeting. The meetings of the Combined Chiefs of Staff were numbered consecutively from the establishment of the organization, which held its first meeting in Washington on January 23, 1942. The 27th Meeting was the first held in connection with the Second Washington Conference.

United States United Kingdom
General Marshall Field Marshal Dill
Vice Admiral Horne2 General Brooke
Lieutenant General Arnold Admiral Little
Lieutenant General McNarney Air Marshal Evill
Major General Eisenhower Lieutenant General Macready
Major General Clark Major General Ismay
Rear Admiral Towers
Rear Admiral Cooke
Lieutenant Colonel Holmes
Brigadier Dykes
Brigadier General Smith
Colonel Jacob Commander McDowell
Commander Coleridge
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[263] Combined Chiefs of Staff Minutes (Revised)

J. C. S. Files

  1. Representing Admiral King.