II. The Second Washington Conference

(June 19–25, 1942)

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  1. C.C.S. 27th meeting. The meetings of the Combined Chiefs of Staff were numbered consecutively from the establishment of the organization, which held its first meeting in Washington on January 23, 1942. The 27th Meeting was the first held in connection with the Second Washington Conference.
  2. C.C.S. 28th meeting.
  3. C.C.S. 29th meeting.
  4. According to a letter of August 5, 1942, from Ambassador John G. Winant to President Roosevelt, and to a memorandum by Theodore C. Achilles of the Division of European Affairs of the Department of State, dated October 3, 1942 ( Foreign Relations, 1942, vol. i, pp. 48 and 57, respectively), sometime during the Second Washington Conference Roosevelt gave to Churchill a memorandum, prepared by Hopkins, regarding the problem of Nazi atrocities. The text of the memorandum as prepared by Hopkins is printed ibid., p. 56. According to the Achilles memorandum, Roosevelt amended the Hopkins memorandum, a copy of which he gave to Churchill and a copy of which he retained himself. Such a corrected copy of the Hopkins memorandum has not been found in the Roosevelt papers. No other record has been found relating to the consideration by Roosevelt and Churchill of the war-crimes problem during the course of the Second Washington Conference.