I. The First Washington Conference

(December 22, 1941–January 14, 1942)

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  1. The meeting took place in Washington but the exact location is not specified.
  2. The time of the meeting and the list of those present is taken from the Stimson diary and from Arnold’s memorandum, infra; not all of the names of persons present appear on both lists.
  3. For Churchill’s remarks from the White House balcony on Christmas eve, see Churchill, The Grand Alliance, p. 669.
  4. The information regarding the time and place of this meeting is derived from Pickersgill, pp. 323–324, which presents excerpts from Mackenzie King’s diary notes on the conversation.
  5. Arnold’s notes show the meeting as starting at 5:30, while Gerow’s notes show 6 p.m. The President’s appointment calendar shows Hull, Halifax, Hopkins, and Churchill arriving at 5:30 and the American officers at 6:30.
  6. An account of these conversations is printed in Arnold, pp. 287–289.