833.00N/62: Telegram

The Minister in Uruguay ( Wilson ) to the Secretary of State

114. Referring to my telegram No. 108, June 13th.11 At least eight Nazi leaders have been arrested. Yesterday afternoon Chamber of Deputies in secret session began consideration of the report of the Parliamentary Commission investigating Nazi activities.

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There is a strong undercurrent here of nervousness and unrest. The apparent defeat of France has been a shock to public opinion, and the rumors and reports concerning sensational discoveries relating to Nazi activities in the country have aroused great indignation. Tomorrow is a national holiday, the anniversary of the birth of Artigas.12 Patriotic demonstrations are being organized for the day, and it would not be surprising if anti-Nazi disturbances took place.

Arrangements are being made, particularly by the opposition liberal groups, to stage large demonstrations in connection with the arrival of the Quincy on the 20th and during the ship’s visit. It is possible, despite the efforts of the authorities and ourselves, that incidents may grow out of these demonstrations.

  1. Not printed.
  2. José Artigas, leader of Uruguayan independence movement; generally regarded as the Liberator of Uruguay.