Negotiations with the Panamanian Government for the lease of tracts outside the Canal Zone for the defense of the Canal 1

1. Extensive documentation on this subject including correspondence from American officials has been printed by the Panamanian Government in Memoria que el Ministro de Relaciones Exteriores Presenta a la Asamblea Nacional en sus Sesiones Ordinarias de 1943 (1940–1942), pp. viiixxi, and 159–393. See also Almon R. Wright, “Defense Sites Negotiations Between the United States and Panama, 1936–1948,” Department of State Bulletin, August 11, 1952, pp. 212–219.

[1163] The Ambassador in Panama ( Damson ) to the Secretary of State


[1164] The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Panama ( Dawson )

711F.1914/162: Telegram

[1165] The Ambassador in Panama ( Dawson ) to the Secretary of State