810.79611 Pan American Airways, Inc./87: Telegram

The Ambassador in Cuba (Judah) to the Secretary of State

99. For White. Pan American Airways tells me they must submit bid July 2nd to Postmaster General New covering United States-Porto Rican and the United States-Mexican mail routes. As part of [Page 786]bid they must show they have permission to pass through Cuba and use landing fields here. Their petition for this privilege has been favorably acted upon by the Aviation Commission and decree is being prepared for President’s signature. I talked with the President this morning. He is satisfied with contract and says that he will sign decree. President leaves tonight for the Isle of Pines and it will take several days before the decree can be prepared and signed. Will you inform Postmaster General New before July 2nd that I think from my conversation with Machado there is no question about signing of decree and that if he awards the contract to the Pan American Airways there will be no difficulty in their crossing Cuba and using landing fields here.