The Ambassador in Chile (Culbertson) to the Secretary of State

No. 26

Sir: I have the honor to report that the new Peruvian Ambassador to Chile, señor don César A. Elguera, with three secretaries, Javier Correa y Elías, Hector Adolfo Morey and Javier Delgado Yrigoyen, arrived in Santiago from Peru on the 3d instant, and on October 5 señor Elguera was officially presented to President Ibáñez.

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In presenting his credentials to the President, Ambassador Elguera said:

“On presenting the letters which accredit me as Ambassador of Peru to your country, I intend [extend?] the sincerest good wishes, in the name of my Government and in my own, for the prosperity of your country and your personal happiness.”

In the following brief reply by President Ibáñez, it will be noticed that he pays a tribute to the part played by Secretary Kellogg in bringing about the resumption of diplomatic relations between the two countries. The President said:

“On recognizing Your Excellency as the Ambassador of Peru to my Government, I wish to pay my tribute in the first place to the eminent American statesman, Mr. Kellogg, whose felicitous initiative it was to invite us to renew our diplomatic relations.

“In this act of historical significance of our countries, I make the sincerest good wishes for the prosperity and greatness of Peru, and for the happiness of the eminent citizen who rules her destinies, His Excellency señor Leguía, and I assure you, Mr. Ambassador, that in my country and in my Government you will meet with all the facilities necessary for the discharge of your noble mission.

“At the same time I pray that Divine Providence may illumine our relations and strengthen the desire of peace and concord which exists in our peoples, to the end that they may soon move forward together, as they were born together, to independence.

“I wish that the differences which have separated us for so long may be speedily and definitively resolved according to principles of justice and greater equity.”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I have [etc.]

W. S. Culbertson