The Chargé in Peru (Hanna) to the Secretary of State

No. 108

Sir: With reference to my telegram No. 114 of October 2, 2 [5] p.m.,33 I have the honor to report that the Chilean Ambassador, Señor Emiliano Figueroa Larrain, presented his credentials to President Leguía on October 3, 1928.

His remarks, together with President Leguía’s reply, as they appeared in La Prensa on October 4, are enclosed herewith. La Prensa, of October 6, also published the remarks made by President Ibáñez of Chile when the Peruvian Ambassador, Doctor Elguera, presented his credentials on October 5. His remarks terminated with the following paragraph:

“I desire that the differences which have separated us for so long a time may be immediately settled in a definite manner on a basis of justice and greater equity”.

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A high official of the Foreign Office here told me that he considered this reference by President Ibáñez to “justice and greater equity” as especially significant.

I have [etc.]

Matthew E. Hanna

Remarks of the Newly Appointed Chilean Ambassador to Peru (Figueroa) on the Occasion of the Presentation of His Letter’s of Credence on October 3, and Reply of President Leguía

Your Excellency: I am particularly pleased and honored to place in Your Excellency’s hands the letters of credence with which His Excellency Carlos Ibáñez del Campo, President of Chile, accredits me as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary before the Government of Peru.

These credentials are of transcendental importance. They embody the desire to renew, on a stable and definitive basis, the political relations of two countries which should end their differences in order to collaborate more fully for the progress of the Continent.

My mission, Your Excellency, has as its special object the cultivation of the spirit of cooperation and harmony in the reciprocal relations of Peru and Chile, whose mutual intelligence all America hopes will produce worthy results. This situation has, moreover, given the Secretary of State of the United States the opportunity to take the happy initiative in paving the way for your Government and mine to renew diplomatic relations, as a consequence of the spiritual friendship already awakened between the two peoples.

A desire for frank concord reigns today over the relations of the greatest nations of the world, and an intense seeking for tranquility and harmony is clearly visible in all manifestations of the popular will. And these nations of America which guard the treasure of their youth and natural riches, must live a life of frank understanding and fruitful economic cooperation.

Toward the realization of these ends I shall bring all the earnestness animating not only my Government but me personally, and I entertain the firm conviction that in the discharge of this task I can count upon the wholehearted assistance of Your Excellency and of your worthy colleagues in the Government of Peru.

Permit me, Your Excellency, to express my sincerest wishes for the prosperity of Peru and for the personal happiness of Your Excellency.

In reply, President Leguía spoke as follows:

Your Excellency: It is with especial pleasure that I receive the letters accrediting you in the high position of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Government of Chile before my Government.

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There was a time, Your Excellency, when the traditions of the past united us fraternally in the shadow of a history forged by common heroes on a soil whose continuity was marked by the hand of God.

In the course of time peoples unite or separate, according to the voice that moved them. There was an epoch during which predominated dissolving forces which provoked the perpetual anarchy of the universe; but today, by the law of evolution which transforms primitive instincts into intelligence, forces of cooperation dominate the world; these forces weld men and peoples and establish the reign of peace and love.

Believing thus, His Excellency the Secretary of State, Mr. Frank B. Kellogg, proposed the suggestion, which we accepted, that diplomatic relations between our two peoples be reestablished. These relations were broken in a moment when human conscience had not revealed its strength for transforming the past, embittered by wars, into the present, illuminated by peace.

We live, Your Excellency, in an historic moment. Your presence in the ancient house made illustrious by the legendary life of Pizarro; your words which demonstrate the sincerity of your convictions; the generous attitude of His Excellency, the President of Chile, statesman and patriot,—all seem to anticipate the coming of an hour which posterity shall bless:—the hour for liquidating, with justice and abnegation, the errors of the past, as you have so well said, in a manner which shall reestablish firmly and definitively the friendship between Peru and Chile, in order, that, in the future, without fear nor distrust, the ancient brotherhood which our strength and glory generated, may be achieved anew.

Your Excellency, in acknowledging your high diplomatic rank, it gives me pleasure to offer you all the assistance of my Government for the greatest success of your mission and to request that you transmit to your country my best wishes for the prosperity of Chile and the personal happiness of your worthy President.

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