701.2325/7c: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Chile ( Collier )


44. Please present the following note to the Foreign Minister. I am sending this note because of the assurances which I have received from the Chilean Ambassador in the United States that Chile would be willing to accredit a diplomatic representative to the Government of Peru, and because of the Peruvian President’s assurances that he would be willing to accredit a diplomatic representative to the Government of Chile. At the same time, I am sending a note in exactly the same form to the Foreign Minister of Peru. These communications will not be made public until replies have been received from both Governments.

Please present this note in person to the Foreign Minister, and impress upon him, and, if the opportunity arises, also upon the President, the importance of an unconditional and friendly acceptance of this suggestion, and particularly that the answer should carefully avoid the reopening of discussions in regard to the Tacna-Arica question or the inclusion of any matter of a controversial nature. The same representations are being made to the Government of Peru.28


During the last few months I have been most gratified to observe the mutual growth of a more friendly feeling between Chile and Peru which is a tribute to the high-minded statesmanship of both Governments and an evidence of the desire of the people of both countries to establish a basis of cordial and permanent understanding.

I am sure that Your Excellency understands that I have given the most careful consideration to find a way that my Government and I may be of the greatest service to these Governments. After long and careful deliberation I have now come to the conclusion that an accommodation of mutual interests would be promoted should the Governments of Chile and Peru reestablish diplomatic relations through the appointment of diplomatic representatives at Lima and at Santiago. I feel confident that such a reestablishment of diplomatic relations is consistent with the highest interests of the two great nations and presents an opportunity for the respective representatives to interpret not only the high ideals which I have been happy to find animating both Governments but also the basic good will which I am convinced exists in each country towards the other, and that it would also afford a favorable means for facilitating the definite removal of all existing misunderstandings and hence lead to permanent readjustment of the relations between the two countries mutually satisfactory to both. I firmly believe that such a generous action would appeal to the sentiment of the peoples of the respective countries and be applauded by [Page 649] all the nations of the Western Hemisphere as a step in the interest of permanent peace and good will.

I am fully aware of Your Excellency’s earnest desire to establish better relations among the countries of this hemisphere and I have therefore the honor to suggest in full confidence that it will meet with your approval and acceptance, that your Government signify its readiness to reestablish diplomatic relations with the Peruvian Government and indicate your willingness to appoint a diplomatic representative near the Peruvian Government at an early mutually convenient date.

A similar inquiry is being made to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Peru.

Accept, Excellency, the renewed assurances of my highest consideration.

(Signed) Frank B. Kellogg, Secretary of State of the United States of America.

His Excellency Señor Don Conrado Rios Gallardo, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Chile, Santiago, Chile.”

  1. Quoted portion not paraphrased.