The Secretary of State to President Coolidge

Dear Mr. President: You will remember I informed you that the Chilean and Peruvian delegations at Habana25 had in a very friendly spirit discussed the question of a settlement of the Tacna-Arica matter.26 They had concluded that the first step was for the two countries to renew diplomatic relations. These delegations agreed that when they returned home they would talk with their respective governments and prepare to press for such a movement. I waited several months to make sure that there had been created a proper sentiment for such a step. I then inquired definitely of the Chilean and Peruvian Governments if they would be willing to renew diplomatic relations and exchange ministers. I received prompt assurance from President Leguia that he would be willing to exchange ministers if I proposed it but did not care to take the initiative. I also received positive assurances from the Chilean Government, through its Ambassador. I then concluded to send a note to each Government suggesting the renewal of diplomatic relations and the exchange of ministers. I enclose you a copy of one of the notes.27

In several conversations which President Leguia has had with Ambassador Moore and with Mr. Hanna, the Chargé d’Affaires before Ambassador Moore’s arrival, Leguia has shown a much greater disposition to settle the Tacna-Arica difficulty than ever before. In fact, he suggested to me a proposition which I have not yet taken up with Chile and which is an advance over anything that he has heretofore agreed upon. I have also had reports from the Chilean Ambassador here that indicate a greater disposition in Chile to adjust the matter than ever before. If we can get them to exchange ministers I shall then take up again the question of settlement and I hope very much that settlement can be arranged before I go out of office.

I am sending this on for your information. I did not suppose you would care to be bothered about the details.

Faithfully yours,

Frank B. Kellogg
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