500.A15/777: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Belgium (Gibson)


64. In regard to your 60, September 18, 2 p.m., you had better tell Loudon that you have referred his inquiry to me. As far as I can see, it cannot be answered until I have an opportunity to confer with the President who is leaving today for Vermont and does not expect to return to Washington until Saturday.

A reply to the French and British notes on the naval agreement is now being considered.27 In my opinion its acceptance is not possible. Should we, however, state our objections the other powers will lay the blame for breaking up the Conference at our door. They will probably do the same if we send no reply. No answer has been sent by Italy. Any conference called in order to put through a compromise would of course be impossible. What course would you advise under the circumstances? In my opinion there is no intention of making an agreement on limitation on the part of any of the nations. The conference is insisted upon for political reasons.

  1. See telegram No. 329, Sept. 25, 3 p.m., to the Chargé in France, p. 282.