500.A15/777: Telegram

The Ambassador in Belgium (Gibson) to the Secretary of State

60. Loudon,25 chairman of the Preparatory Commission, writes that question of next meeting is under consideration and asks my opinion as to the date. British against fixing date at present. Germans and French insistent on early meeting (this insistence is due to internal political exigencies and delegates admit privately no progress can be expected). Loudon expresses opinion that it is unwise to fix date until United States “has defined its attitude in regard to the Anglo-French [Page 258]compromise.”26 Request Department’s instruction as to reply to be made.

Department might wish to consider an answer to the effect that, while we think it is desirable to meet as soon as we can embark upon a second session with reasonable hope of progress, we feel that to hold another meeting like the last three merely to recognize deadlock and adjourn would be most unfortunate and in the long run would be prejudicial to eventual achievement.

He requests prompt reply.

  1. J. Loudon of the Netherlands.
  2. See pp. 264 ff.