860j.01/367: Telegram

The Consul at Tiflis ( Moser ) to the Acting Secretary of State 35

99. It is officially announced at Erivan, December 2nd, that Armenia is declared Soviet republic. The new government will consist of five Bolshevik commissaries and two members of the Dashnak Party, General Dro and Terterrian, former appointed military dictator in the field with Silin probably Russian Commissary for Military Affairs. Soviet Russian Ambassador has announced Russia’s recognition of the new Soviet republic.

Overthrow of the Armenian Cabinet, formed a week ago, followed occupation by Russian troops from Baku of the Armenian frontier towns, Foulkspril [sic] and Delijan, on November 30th. Russian action taken at the request of Armenian Bolshevik Committee at Baku and met with no opposition. During the peace conference between Turkey and Armenia local government at Alexandropol turned Bolshevik. Control of the district to pass to them upon Turkish Army evacuation according to the peace treaty on December 5th.

Finding it will be impossible to proceed with the work or to receive assurance of safety under the Bolshevik regime, Director General Yarrow has secured Turkish military protection and is removing entire Near East personnel and stores to trains going to Kars. Thus he is forced to abandon orphans and American relief work of [Page 807] five years. Relief work in Armenia proper no longer possible but Yarrow hopes under the protection of Turks to continue relief of Armenians in Turkey and to obtain communications and supplies through Erzerum and Trebizond.

  1. Transmitted via Constantinople.
  2. Telegram in two sections.