760j.67/42½: Telegram

The President of the Council of the League of Nations (Hymans) to President Wilson

In the name of the Council of the League of Nations I thank you for your telegram of December 1st [November 30th, in which you [Page 806] agree to act as mediator between the Armenians and the Kemalists and add that you will nominate a representative for this purpose. The Council is deeply rejoiced at and grateful for your decision. The Council asks me to inform you that the Spanish Government declares itself ready to participate in any action of a moral and diplomatic character in support of Armenia and that the Brazilian Government announces that it is ready to take part alone or with other powers in putting an end to the present situation in Armenia. The Council is therefore requesting those two Governments to communicate directly with you as to how cooperation in this work can best be arranged. Negotiations can be opened immediately with the Armenian Government at Erivan. As regards the Kemalists the Council is taking steps to find out the most effective method of getting into touch with them and will inform you further on this point as soon as possible.