715.16/26: Telegram

The Chargé in Honduras (Belden) to the Secretary of State

44. Department’s telegram number 30 May 15, 5 p.m.13 and 31 May 19, 6 p.m.14 Instructions complied with.

President of the Republic appreciative of the offer of good offices and feels that the assistance of the United States is most important just now to prevent any possible complications between Honduras and Nicaragua or Salvador. Hondurean Government received yesterday an official report that General Leiva was leaving Salvador to join the Hondurean rebels in Nicaragua. The President entertains [Page 742] the belief that neither the Government of Salvador nor that of Nicaragua are acting in good faith as regards Honduras. He states that necessity of maintaining armed forces to watch the frontiers is a serious drain on the public funds already seriously depleted and I understand that because of this fact, the Government is unable to meet the payment of salaries which naturally tends to cause dissatisfaction and to weaken the position of the Government. It has been rumored that Santiago Meza Calix last Minister of War under Dr. Bertrand is in New Orleans seeking arms and ammunition for shipment to the north coast and that should any movement take place on the frontiers of Salvador or Nicaragua trouble might be expected from the north.

The Sacramento arrived yesterday and I am in communication with Commander Meyers and also I am telegraphing the Legation at San Salvador and Managua relative to General Leiva.

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