The Honduran Minister ( López Gutierrez ) to the Secretary of State


Excellency: Amplifying the oral information I had the honor to make known to the Department of State with respect to the ultimatum recently served on the Government of Honduras by that of Salvador, I wish to say to Your Excellency that I find the following telegram among my papers:

“Tegucigalpa, May 12, 1920. The Minister of Honduras, Legation of Honduras, Washington. Mondragón (Minister of Honduras in Salvador) says: ‘President Meléndez awaits until four p.m. today dismissal Minister of War Lagos, whom the Government of Salvador considers guilty of the Araujo invasion, as being the only way to avert international war. That the … (unintelligible) this evening for our border with war material … (unintelligible)’ My Government declined to dismiss him.”

I take [etc.]

J. Anto. Lopez G.
  1. File translation revised.