861.00/6787: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Great Britain ( Davis )


418. There is a London despatch in the New York Times of April 17 stating that recently Earl Curzon made an appeal to the Government of Soviet Russia asking that amnesty be granted to General Denikin and to the Volunteer Russian army in the Crimea. The Department has received an official report from Constantinople stating that the British there have been notified that Lord Curzon sent a message to Tchicherin asking that the Bolsheviki refrain from hostilities until an armistice can be made.

Confidential information has also come to the Department that a telegram is believed to have been sent to General Wrangel by the British Government recommending that he conclude an armistice with the Reds and giving him an intimation that he could no longer count on the support of Great Britain in the conduct of hostilities.

You are instructed to investigate these reports and to inform the Department.