861.00/6742: Telegram

The High Commissioner at Constantinople (Bristol) to the Secretary of State

272. Following from Haskell:10

“8. Volunteer army retreating from Terek into Georgia along Vladikavkaz-Kazbek road being disarmed Georgia frontier, and interned. In all 4000 civilian refugees from Vladikavkaz district have arrived Tiflis, about 12000 more expected. Georgia establishing refugees concentration camp Poti, refugees being sent there, 30 carloads daily. Georgian Government showing liberal attitude towards refugees. Am giving Georgia three car loads flour per month assist feeding civilian refugees. Commencing March 22nd serious conflicts between Tartars and Armenians, Bagdad and [garbled group] districts, taking place with little prospects early settlement. Each Government claims other Government attacking defenseless people with regular troops. 25,000 Armenian[s] Baku danger being massacred notwithstanding honest efforts Baku Government protect them. Petrovsk and Derbend, Caspian occupied by Soviet troops. Reported part Volunteer Caspian fleet moving Persian ports while remainder turned Soviet and will join Soviet fleet when it comes out Volga. General political conditions Baku serious. Haskell.”

Repeated to Paris for Logan.

  1. Col. W. N. Haskell, Allied High Commissioner in Armenia.