760c.61/21: Telegram

The Minister in Poland (Gibson) to the Acting Secretary of State

86. [My] February 9 [8?], 11 p.m. Patek has been hampered in his efforts to formulate a reply to the Soviet peace offer by his inability [Page 381] to secure a coherent statement of the course that Allied and Associated Powers desire Poland to follow.

At the present moment I am meeting appeals for guidance in conformity with the instructions given in the Department’s 54 of February 7th [5th].
The British Minister is giving the Polish Government to understand that Lloyd George desires Poland to make peace.
The French while making no definite promises to help are apparently encouraging a decision to fight; have announced an early visit from Marshal Foch and are emphasizing the hope of internal Bolshevist collapse, generous material support from France or some originating [sic] movement that will save Poland.
My Italian colleague is vigorously urging the Poles to refuse the peace offer and fight originators [sic]. It is perhaps not surprising that the Government is bewildered and Patek feels the need of going to Paris and London to try to find out what is really wanted.

I venture to recommend very earnestly that the Department endeavor to reach some understanding with the Allied Powers as to what course it is desired that Poland pursue. Until some such decision is reached the whole situation in our part of Europe is out of hand.