760c.61/16: Telegram

The Minister in Poland ( Gibson ) to the Secretary of State

73. Patek has to-day sent me copy of a note addressed to Millerand stating that Poland has no faith in the sincerity of the Bolsheviki peace offer and that from the concentration now in progress on the Polish front expects offensive on large scale. He says that the Polish Army is ready to fulfill all its obligations but that it cannot do so unless furnished with large amount of supplies, detailed list of which is submitted. He proposes that for the expense of warfare on Bolshevik front the powers adopt the principle that Poland pay actual expenses of maintenance such as feeding, transportation et cetera and that cost of all supplies imported be shared by the interested powers, that if Poland is expected to assume part of this burden a long term loan be granted her on account of the disadvantageous state of her exchange. Note states that unless considerable quantities of these supplies are actually in Poland before March 15th defensive measures will be seriously endangered.

I am inclined to believe that the Government has little hope of securing these supplies but is to exhaust every effort and to establish a clear record in case material support is refused and peace with the Bolsheviki is concluded.