891.6363 Standard Oil/8: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Persia (Caldwell)

27. Your telegram No. 29 of September 11, 1 P.M.5

Department is concerned by the possibility that confirmation Anglo-Persian agreement by Medjlis may make more difficult the obtaining of petroleum concessions by American companies. However, Anglo-Persian agreement would not on its face require preferential treatment to British in granting of concessions; such a meaning has been officially disclaimed in Parliament. There is no reason, therefore, why Persian Foreign Office should not give prior consideration in northern provinces to American interests, in case Russian concessions should be legally and definitely abrogated. It is hoped that an American Company will soon make application. At the proper time and in particular if the British claim prior rights discreet but strong representations should be made to Foreign Office along lines above indicated. Keep Department promptly informed.

  1. Not printed.