The Confidential Agent of the Provisional Government of Mexico (Díaz) to the Secretary of State

Excellency: The undersigned, Confidential Agent of the Provisional Government of Mexico, has been instructed by Don Adolfo de la Huerta, president of that government, to make known to the Department of State of the United States, that a condition of peace and order now exists throughout the nation, each and every state thereof having extended loyal adherence and support to the new administration, which has given, and will continue to give, all essential guarantees and protection to the persons and property of all foreigners within its jurisdiction, in conformity with its obligations under the laws of nations. In the accomplishment of this end, the undersigned is instructed to add, that the Mexican government has determined to lend its utmost resources and energy on every occasion.

Meanwhile, or at such time as may be hereafter deemed convenient, the government of the undersigned would be gratified to informally exchange views with that of the United States, in order that a practical and helpful understanding may be reached, based upon principles of justice, equity and good faith, which, it is believed, would contribute toward a mutually closer understanding and relationship.

In the fulfillment of this duty, the undersigned has the honor [etc.]

Alvaro Torre Díaz