812.00/24013: Telegram

The Consul at Nogales (Dyer) to the Secretary of State

I have [the] honor to report that on Sunday I visited Hermosillo returning yesterday and that I had two interviews with Governor de la Huerta. He like all other Mexicans is interested in knowing how United States looks upon recent events in Mexico and I gave him my personal opinion disclaiming knowledge of official attitude.

Governor said that he is embarrassed for the moment to find funds for his troops especially to feed so many men although in few weeks the national revenues will meet his requirements. I agreed to forward request to Department to make representations to society for protection of American rights in Mexico but on reflection Governor said that if he did ask that association to advise its members to advance tax payments to Mexican Government before they become due it might be construed as recognition or approval by him of said society and he asked if I could not send the telegram to some friend of mine in Washington to be presented by him to Department. I replied that I could address it to James A. Emery, Union Trust Building, Washington. Governor expressed satisfaction with that plan and said he would have his private telegraph send the wire. Last night the telegram had not been received in Nogales which is the first relay station and Governor may have changed his mind.

I respectfully submit to Department the question whether some action can or should be taken to aid the de facto Government in Mexico to pay its way during the reconstruction period without resorting to illegal methods of raising revenues, commandeering, repudiations of obligations et cetera. Probably five millions now would be very great help.