812.00/23574: Telegram

The Chargé in Mexico ( Hanna ) to the Secretary of State


101. In secret visit tonight to Embassy General Benjamin Hill declared that Sonora is now openly rebellious; Federal soldiers now there, as well as rebel groups including Villa and the majority of Federals throughout Mexico, will aid Obregón in the revolt; General Diéguez, at present at Guadalajara, is afraid to go to Sonora to his troops; there is no expectation of a [garbled group], although preparations are complete for an overturn of the Government which [Page 137] will conclude the Obregón–Carranza dispute; and the rebel troops will probably be commanded by Hill and Obregón who will try from Mexico City to join the troops already organized for them not far off.

In event of his failure to leave Mexico City, Hill asks asylum here in Embassy for self and family. He is informed Department will be asked to advise.