812.00/23559: Telegram

The Consul at Nogales (Dyer) to the Secretary of State

The State took over custom houses, telegraph, postoffices, stamp and immigration offices this morning but all officials have not yet been designated. Administrador de Aduana went to American side last night and number of Carranzistas followed his example. No violence has been reported. General Plank came to Nogales yesterday and holds position under State similar to one from which Carranza removed him at head of fiscales but with wider powers. Mexican consul, Tamez, who was recalled by Carranza, is said to be acting as consul for Sonora. Denial is made that recognition or intervention with Carranza will be asked of Washington but there is public discussion as to whether Washington will permit Carranza to send troops through United States to subdue Sonora. General Pina was reported at Agua Prieta yesterday and at Cananea to-day. Two hundred Federal marines at Guaymas are said to have gone over to Obregón istas and the gunboat Guerrera reported to be in dock for repairs is said to be in hands of State sympathisers. General Alvarado whose services and millions are supposed to be behind Obregón has rented and furnished a residence in Nogales, Arizona, and is making public speeches in Teatro Hidalgo, Nogales, Sonora. The first one last night was non political but in the next he will tell why the liberals who supported Carranza have turned against him. Rumor that Sinaloa has taken action similar to that of Sonora is not yet confirmed.