The Chargé in Mexico ( Summerlin ) to the Secretary of State

No. 2864

Sir: I have the honor to report that the conference of the governors of seventeen Mexican states, held in this city during the past week, to discuss means for guaranteeing liberty of suffrage in the coming Presidential elections, has completed its deliberations and has made public a set of resolutions, a summary of which is enclosed herewith.3

The resolutions appear to have been drafted to carry out the announced desire of the Governors, but a portion of the press has looked upon the Conference with suspicion and has intimated that its real purpose is to assist in the election of whoever may be the administration candidate for the Presidency. It is too early for editorial comment, but the headlines which accompanied the publication of the resolutions in the papers to-day, may indicate the attitude of the press.

Mexico Nuevo, the official organ of the González party, appears to believe that the resolutions express the true intention of the Governors, but El Monitor Republicans, the Obregón paper, states that they indicate that the official element in the coming Presidential elections is opposed to the independent candidates, and is in favor of imposing a candidate upon the country; it adds that “the substance of the manifesto is ‘preservation of order by means of brute force and peaceful transfer of power by means of a fraudulent election’”.

In this connection, the recent announcement of the press to the effect that a similar conference of Generals will be held in this city in the near future, is of interest.

I have [etc.]

George T. Summerlin
  1. Not printed.