The Consul at Nogales (Dyer) to the Secretary of State

No. 279

Sir: I have the honor to present herewith a translation from La Naeion, Nogales, dated February 3, 1920, of the leading article entitled: Interesting Interview with Dr. Carlos Davila.1 After briefly telling of the triumphal campaign of the candidate,2 Dr. Davila makes two interesting observations. One is that the women are taking keen interest and an active part in the campaign; the other is that the conference of governors called by President Carranza is really a plot to prevent the free exercise of the will of the people.

Governor de la Huerta of Sonora is not attending the conference of governors. It was announced in the press that he was summoned, [Page 131] but that while he desired greatly to comply with the presidential decree he could not do so without the express authorization of congress which, I understand, passed the law with such a declaration at the instance of Gen. Calles, the governor preceding de la Huerta. In passing, it may be observed that although President Carranza is said to desire the removal of de la Huerta because he is an Obregonista, he has not yet brought about his removal; and possibly the governor feels safer here than he would feel in Mexico City.

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I have [etc.]

Francis J. Dyer
  1. Article not printed.
  2. Gen. Alvaro Obregón.