860j.01/158: Telegram

The High Commissioner at Constantinople (Bristol) to the Secretary of State33

101. There have been no massacres in Caucasus since last June when about 600 Armenians were [massacred] near Shusha, and July when estimated 5,000 Armenians massacred Nakhichevan. Usually Armenians gave provocation. Shusha massacre was reprisal for attack by Armenians upon Tartar shepherds near Gerusi. Nakhichevan massacre was reprisal for expulsion of Tartars from district 40 miles back from railway. Zangazour district also very much aggravated by British policy first placing this district, February 1919, under Azerbaijan and later, just about the time British began evacuation, her policy was changed and local Armenian council was permitted by govern Zangazour and final evacuation left this question unsettled. It looks now as if attack on Armenia and [by?] Azerbaijan had for object forcing Armenia into agreement with Georgia and Azerbaijan against Denikin especially as this has been desired for a long time. This seems most probable from Colonel Rhea having requested Peace Conference to define boundary Denikin activities so as to protect Caucasus. This may be secret presented [sought to be effected?] through state agreement in Caucasus. Greeks have mission in Caucasus which is having personnel increased. After personal conference here with Haskell we have arranged close liaison for keeping each other fully informed thereby assisting each other as much as possible.

  1. Forwarded by the Embassy in France as No. 1687.