763.72119/6130: Telegram

The Commission to Negotiate Peace to the Secretary of State

3629. The Council of Five considered at its meeting this afternoon a telegram dated Constantinople, August 5th, to Clemenceau from Colonel Haskell, High Commissioner for Entente in Armenia. After pointing out that the British will commence complete evacuation on August 15th, that the Italians will not send troops, that the Armenians are unable to protect themselves and that two million[s] of [lives] will be [in danger] and anarchy will reign in the Caucasus after the withdrawal of the British troops, Colonel Haskell says:

“In the name of the future of these regions I ask that the British Government be requested to revoke the evacuation order until the question of the method of occupation shall have been decided. This viewpoint receives approbation of all the authorities here who understand the situation.”

Mr. Balfour stated that the British intentions to evacuate had been [announced] last March and that at this late date the British plans could not be changed. Mr. Tittoni declared that the Italians had examined the question of occupying Georgia upon the withdrawal of the British and had decided that such occupation would not be within their power. Mr. Polk explained in the absence of authorization by Congress the United States Government was not at the present time in a position to send troops to replace the British. No action upon Colonel Haskell’s telegram was taken by the Council. Polk.

American Mission