860j.01/16: Telegram

The Commission to Negotiate Peace to the Acting Secretary of State

3076. The following resolution has been passed by the Council of Five with my support and with the prior approval of the President and the other heads of state:

“Colonel W. N. Haskell, U.S.A., is appointed by this council to act as High Commissioner in Armenia on behalf of the United States, British, French and Italian Governments, it being understood that Colonel Haskell will be coincidentally appointed to take full charge of all relief measures in Armenia by the various relief organizations operating there. All representatives of the United States, British, French, and Italian Governments in Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Constantinople are to be at once instructed to cooperate with and give support to Colonel Haskell.”

Colonel Haskell will act as an agent of the State Department in this area and it is desirable that you should arrange with Secretary Baker for his prolonged assignment for this service. He is at present assigned to Hoover’s staff but as all regular army officers, of which he is one, are called in and as the army authorities here state that the matter is now out of their hands, it is necessary that it should be arranged in Washington. He may also need some further officers assigned him in connection with his mission. The travel and incidental expenses of the mission are being provided for by relief funds. Lansing.

American Mission