867.48/1144: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Great Britain (Davis)16

4095. The American Committee for Armenian and Syrian Belief are sending three ships to Turkey: The United States Naval Transport Mercurius now ready to sail with five members of the relief expedition and carries cargo for Constantinople only; the United States Naval Transport Pensacola with between 30 and 40 members of the relief expedition and a cargo of supplies to be discharged partly at Beirut and partly at Constantinople, sailing about January 21; and the Western Belle sailing shortly from New York with [Page 820] a cargo of approximately 8,000 tons of flour, to be discharged at Constantinople and possibly Beirut. Before authorizing these vessels to sail from the United States, the Naval Overseas Transportation Service desires to have full assurance that these vessels will encounter no obstacles in passing the Dardanelles and entering the port of Constantinople and also that the Pensacola and Western Belle, if so ordered, will be able to enter the port of Beirut. Inasmuch as one vessel is now ready to sail, immediate reply is requested. Repeat to Paris as number 6997.

  1. See last sentence for instructions to repeat to Paris No. 6997.