837.00/1514: Telegram

The Minister in Cuba ( Gonzales ) to the Acting Secretary of State

67. After several conferences with President and Secretary of State the following statement is authorized. It is the strongest obtainable at this time but am confident General Crowder can retain direction if considered desirable.

“Knowing the keen interest felt by all friends of Cuba in and out of this country and knowing the gratification it would give them to hear that there is a legitimate expectation of such changes in the election laws and methods in Cuba as will remove the constant source of irritation, criticism and mortification, it is a great satisfaction to have the authority from General Menocal to say that he is determined at the beginning of the next session of Congress to again urge such amendments to the election laws and census revision as will enable honest elections to be held; that because of the change of personnel of the next Congress together with his determination to press this question with the greatest vigor he is most hopeful of an early and successful issue. I am further authorized to say that as the existing election laws of Cuba were partly drawn under the direction of that eminent lawyer and devoted friend of Cuba Major-General E. H. Crowder who was so signally successful as Provost Marshal General of the United States and [in] providing for and securing the registration of men for a great American Army, President Menocal has also determined to [Page 9] invite General Crowder to come to Cuba at an early date to advise with the legal experts of the Cuban Government in the labor of preparing such amendments to the election laws of Cuba as will meet the needs of the present and future.”

Publicity is contemplated as soon as Habana newspapers which have not appeared for several days on account of strikes of printers resume publication.