600.119/2170: Telegram

The Ambassador in France (Sharp) to the Acting Secretary of State

7119. [For] War Trade Board:

“Number 906. The following resolutions were adopted at the meeting of the Supreme Blockade Council held February 6th.

It was decided in accordance with the ideas expressed by General Franchet d’Esperey last February, trade restrictions with Czecho-Slovakia should be abolished; that notice to this effect should be given on February 8th, to take effect forthwith. The condition by [conditions of?] the abolition of these restrictions should be the same as those announced as regards Servia and Roumania on February 4th.
It was decided, subject to the approval of the Supreme War Council, to abolish trade restrictions with Bulgaria, Turkey, Asia Minor and the ports on the Black Sea at an early date, if possible February 15th next.
With a view of maintaining the blockade against Germany, Austro-Germany and Hungary, which is still considered necessary by the Allied High Command, in above mentioned Allied [sic] countries, Czecho-Slovakia, Servia and Roumania, should be requested to take measures similar to those taken by the Associated Governments to prevent exportation from these countries to enemy countries (all exportation thereto to be forbidden, examination to prevent contraband etc.).
Concerning ex-enemy countries, Turkey and Bulgaria, the abolition of trade restrictions shall not be authorized except on condition that the Governments of these countries take similar measures, the supervision of the execution of which shall be in the hands of representatives of the Associated Governments, [at] Constantinople and Sofia.
Trading between the above mentioned five countries [and] south eastern Europe shall be entirely free.
The Supreme War Council shall be asked to declare if it approves of the above mentioned abolition of restrictions with Turkey and Bulgaria on the conditions indicated and whether the necessary steps can be effected in time, so that the date therefore may be set as of February 15th.

These resolutions will be transmitted to the Supreme War Council through the French Foreign Office. McCormick.”