860c.4016/96: Telegram

The Minister in Poland (Gibson) to the Acting Secretary of State28

Since our arrival here we have devoted most of our efforts to Jewish questions. We have discussed the matter at length with Jews of varying opinions and with Poles, both in and out of the Government. I feel that we have been successful in impressing the Government with the seriousness of the situation and they have already acted upon some of our suggestions. The friendly declarations of General Haller and the Minister of the Interior and Governmental pressure enable the press to modify its tone. They realize the friendly spirit which prompts our interest, show a readiness to follow our advice and I believe that other steps will be taken soon.

The various excesses, which have taken place since last November, appear to be due chiefly to abnormal conditions. I attach greater importance to the state of public opinion which is undoubtedly bad and may have serious consequences. We are trying to improve the situation in this respect by exerting our friendly influence with Polish Government to adopt obvious measures such as moderating tone of press, controlling actions of troops, issuing strict instructions to officials throughout the country etc.

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I shall be glad to receive any suggestions as to specific action that the Department may be disposed to offer either as its own views or those of people interested in the question.

  1. Forwarded by the Commission to Negotiate Peace as No. 2695.